CatalyticFOAM can be used to simulate catalytic reactors with complex geometries and fluid dynamics. Microkinetic description of homogeneous and heterogeneous reactions are allowed. Look at the capabilities and functionalities of CatalyticFOAM through the examples reported below.

Annular reactor (2D)

An annular reactor fed with a mixture of hydrogen and nitrogen at different temperatures was simulated using a UBI microkinetic scheme are simulated. The comparison with the experimental datademonstrates the accuracy and the reliability of CatalyticFOAM.

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Annular reactor (3D)

The possible eccentricity of the internal tube are studied in detail through a 3D simulation in order to analyze its effects on the oxygen conversion.

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Platinum gauze

The CPO (Catalytic Partial Oxidation) of methane was studied over a Platinum gauze at several temperature in order to evaluate the conversion of CH4 and O2 and the selectivity to CO.

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CPO of iso-octane

The CPO of iso-octane over Rhodium catalyst was modeled in a tubular reactor. Very detailed kinetic mechanisms were adopted both for the homogeneous and the heterogeneous phases.

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Tubular reactor with Raschig rings

A tubular reactor filled with catalytic Raschig rings was simulated, showing the ability of the CatalyticFOAM solver to manage very complex geometries.

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Coupling between CFD and kMC (The reactor STM)

We extend the reliability of CatalyticFOAM beyond the mean-field description of the mesoscale by the incorporation of kinetic Monte Carlo techniques!

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