Online Workshop


Politecnico di Milano, University of Delaware and University College London organize an online workshop on “Theory, Applications, and Tools for Multiscale Kinetic Modeling” to be held on July 13-15, 2020.

Attendance is free of charge but registration is required.

The registration form is accessible here.


Politecnico di Milano (PoliMI) University of Delaware (UD) University College London (UCL)
Prof. Matteo Maestri Dion Vlachos Prof. Dion Vlachos Stamakatis Prof. Michail Stamatakis
Dr. Mauro Bracconi Gerald Wittreich Gerald Wittreich


July 13 July 14 July 15
Introduction (PoliMI, UD, UCL) Kinetic Monte Carlo (UCL) Coupling microkinetic models with Computational Fluid Dynamics (PoliMI)
Microkinetic Modeling (UD) Conclusions (PoliMI, UD, UCL)